Start Small, Stay Motivated & Keep Pushin’!

With time I’ve realized that I’ve hindered myself from being the absolute best version of myself that I could be. Yes, I’ve set goals verbally but no I didn’t write them down nor did I consider a plan b.

If you want to accomplish a big goal write it down and also include the small things that are needed to accomplish that goal. Also remember that accomplishing small things don’t differ from accomplishing something big. It’s all progress and as long as you’re trying to improve things usually fall in place.

I don’t think I realized how powerful writing things down were until I heard it on an interview and I actually thought about it. Everything that I’d ever written down I accomplished. Opposed to the things that I said verbally those things didn’t go so well.

I’m a visual learner and I also have a photographic memory so once I jot it down, I know what I have to do to accomplish it! & lets just say I get it done!!

If you’re a procrastinator like myself and you feel like you need to get things done. I challenge you to make a game plan for yourself! WRITE IT DOWN! Start small and work your way up to the big things. When you start to accomplish the small things you’ll stay motivated to keep going!

Be a better you for you! Start small, stay motivated, and keep pushin’!

Teish R.

What’s For You Is For You!

I’ve come in contact with several people that were driven to the max, outgoing & willing to do anything to get to the top! Now, this was good to an extent but then there was me that felt as if I wasn’t driven enough. I’m the type of person that has always felt like what GOD has for me will always be for me. I sat back and thought well maybe I need to get whats for me! This was splendid and all but I had to realize that just because I wanted it didn’t mean that it was going to come on MY TERMS. In life, I feel like patience is the key to a lot of things. Instead of becoming discouraged about what’s not for you at that moment be thankful that GOD didn’t let you take that risk which could’ve brought more stress. I’ve always been the person to thank GOD even when bad things happen because I know what he has for me is even better than what I LOST. Being patient is a life hack and the reason I say this is because there have been several business opportunities that I wanted to become apart of or even start on my own. I talked myself out of it so many times because I just felt as if I was doing it to follow a trend. If you know me, you know that I’m my own person and I do things that I want to do not because anyone else is doing it. About a month ago someone that I trust came to me with this business opportunity. This time I felt an urge to get started; it was different from any other opportunity that was presented my way.
I feel as if GOD guides me through life I’ll have a talk with him and within a few days, my answers are laid out in front of me. He gave me a “yes go for it” and I took the opportunity and ran with it!!! Here I am a 24-year-old woman, engaged, two baby boys, a blogger, student, and an entrepreneur! My message is whatever is coming to you it’s YOURS, and NO ONE can take that away from you! It’s YOURS, and it’s always been yours just never get discouraged when the timing isn’t right! You’ll drive yourself insane. Whatever it is that you want, it’s coming and even if it doesn’t what’s next will be even better!

Where do you see yourself and your blog 5 years from now?

– I see myself as a successful businesswoman with a business degree and also an entrepreneur.  Hopefully, my blog turns out to be a success as well. Even if it doesn’t my purpose will still be the same to inspire others.

I published this post with this question in August of 2017. Everything that I listed is mine or will be mine in a few months, I just had to be patient!

Teish R.

I’m Taking His Last Name!

February 2018 Montravius told me that he wanted to take me somewhere special for my birthday. I love to travel, so I was ecstatic about our destination! A few months past and Montravius III was almost due, Montravius Sr. told me he had a surprise for me. I was almost positive that he was going to propose on our 2nd sons birthday. He bought me a pearl necklace set which was stunning, but it was a little out of Montravius’ “taste range” he likes diamonds, and I knew that which is why I was so puzzled when he finally gave me the pearls. Of course, I was thankful, but I just KNEW it was an engagement ring. I was so puzzled and confused, but I’m a patient person, so I knew it was coming! As February approached we traveled back to GA and the proposal trip was right around the corner. Montravius started to get fidgety he wanted me to pack a certain outfit, he wanted me to get my nails done a certain way, and I was like “why”? He’s always told me the nail color that he feels looks good on me, but this time he had a certain shape and a certain length for nails that he wanted me to maintain. I thought we were going to a super fancy restaurant, so I said to myself “this makes sense.” As we traveled to Destin, we’d finally reached our destination around 9:00 Tuesday night. The house was beautiful it had several rooms and the view was beautiful right near the beach!
Saturday morning Montravius told me to get dressed and put on the outfit that he’d picked out a while back. I’m a curious person, so I wanted to know every detail, “where are we going” “how long are we gonna be there”! He gave me an envelope that had a riddle in it, and the riddle led us to an exciting scavenger hunt. We cruised the city of Destin in hopes of finding everything that was on the list. I must say that was one of the funniest things I’ve ever done! Everyone was there & everyone was happy and enjoying themselves, so that made it even better. I went to quite a few places, but at the last destination, I had to be blindfolded.
At this point, I was confused, but I was almost sure that Montravius had gotten me a new car. We’d talked about it, and I said to myself “he brought everyone here to give me the keys to a new car.” lol Little did I know I was headed to the beach where he was on one knee! My mom and mother in law in guided me down to the beach to make sure I got there safely. They told me where and when to step and what was near, I finally stopped, and they took the blindfold off. After I took it off, I couldn’t see clearly, so I had to get my vision back to normal. I’d seen Montravius on one knee, but I literally couldn’t believe my eyes! I thought I was dreaming, once I saw that he had a ring and down on one knee, I KNEW it was real! I cried like a baby, and I was lost for words! I don’t share my feelings with the world a lot, but he knew that getting married was one HUGE thing on my to-do-list. I had to make A LOT of self-adjustments to get to that point, and I was soooooo happy! I enjoyed every moment of the trip, and it’s a moment that I’d never forget!! After everything was over Montravius told me that he’d had the ring for an entire year and he wanted to do it on my birthday. I was like “ARE YOU SERIOUS”? and to put the icing on the cake everyone knew about the PROPOSAL EXCEPT ME!!! Way to keep a secret Montravius, way to keep a secret!!
I didn’t tell you guys about the ring well if you follow me on Snapchat(teishray) then you’ve seen it quite a few times. It’s HUGE & I LOVE IT!!!! I need a name for her lol I’m so thankful for him though he’s taught me a lot and vice versa! I appreciate everything that he does for myself and our family!

& Then There Were 4!

On September 8th, 2018 our prince Montravius Adams III was welcomed into the world. I must admit that that was by far the worse labor I’ve experienced. Yes, I had an epidural but unfortunately, it only worked for one side of my body. Basically, one side of my body was numb and the other side was completely in excruciating pain!! I  was carrying three(our baby boy) and I was so in denial that I was pregnant. I couldn’t believe it and it took me a while to actually come to terms with it until he started to get bigger and mama started to show. I’d given birth to him and I was still in denial because he was so bright, I wanted to ask the doctor on several occasions was he really ours, or did they give us the wrong baby lol. We left the hospital the next day and he was super handsome, quiet and calm. He was so much different from MJ (our oldest son). As the months passed three started to become clingy, I noticed it but I tried to brush it off. He’d just turned five months and I’d come to terms that he was super clingy he was even starting to voice his opinion much more (crying). He wasn’t so calm and quiet anymore, he’s 7 months now and he’s oh so handsome, he loves to be held, he loves to eat, he drinking out of a straw and loves tummy time. Did I mention that he LOVES to be held? lol At the end of the day three was a total surprise BUT that still doesn’t change how we love and adore him! My Montravius’ means the absolute world to me all 3 of them and I wouldn’t trade them for ANYTHING!!!Family

Choose Your Words Wisely

More often than not there are people that say and do things out of anger. No, I’m not perfect, and I don’t claim to be, but that’s something that I’ve never been able to do. People will say hurtful things to others, and they expect them to instantly forgive them or forget about it. I know that people often disagree on certain things, but you should always remember that it’s you and that person against the problem, not you versus the other person. You have the choice to figure out how to logically solve the problem. If the argument escalates, the issue isn’t resolved and guess what? You’re back to square 1 which means there were aggressive things that were said and the problem still isn’t solved. “Words don’t hurt you, they say,” but that indeed is FALSE! Words will strike you differently, and you’ll always remember what was said. I’ve been asked several times “do you ever disagree or argue with anyone”? The answer is yes I disagree with people, but NO I don’t argue. If I disagree with something someone says I’ve mastered the ability to CHOOSE MY WORDS WISELY. I can say the same thing that was being told to me, but I understand HOW TO SAY IT. Everything doesn’t have to be spoken aggressively or with anger, but until people realize this there will be a lot of bonds that are broken! I challenge you to enlighten yourself on how to speak to others when you’re angry and always remember it’s YOU AGAINST THE PROBLEM!

A Masterpiece Learning To Master Peace!

I didn’t understand the true meaning of peace a few years back but as I grew older I understand that it’s a necessity! Learning to master peace makes life much easier to maneuver through. Let’s face it our lives rage with so much activity from day to day its extremely difficult to be at peace. Drama & life heartaches are distractions that will keep peace out of your life, IGNORE IT! Whatever peace may be to you ALLOW IT and you’ll feel so much better internally and externally. Life tends to get the best of us, but today do yourself a favor and do something peaceful for yourself. Whether it’s meditating, yoga, enjoying the sun or reading a book. Whatever it is, do it for you, it’s okay to put life on pause for a while and master peace!

Take Time To Be Grateful!

Some people don’t understand how important it is to take a little time out of your day and tell GOD what you’re grateful for. I understand that everyone gets a little busy and overwhelmed at times and that’s understandable. Sometimes our day seems to be going so bad to the point where we can only think about the bad things that are happening at that moment. Next time something bad happens to you don’t let it upset you, take that time to talk with yourself or GOD and explain how grateful you are for whatever happened because it could’ve been worse. More often than not when bad things happen to us we instantly dwell on the situation not realizing how blessed we are. I realized a while back that I felt much better when I thought of how blessed I was. It doesn’t matter what the situation is I always say “it’s not the end of the world, I’ll get through it”. I instantly start to state the things that I’m grateful for and I feel so rejuvenated!!!!! This task seems simple but I assure you that it really helps! Instead of beating yourself up or becoming angry try the technique that I stated above. Not only will you feel replenished but it also helps your personal growth!

Stay Focused!

With the new year being just a few hours away I have to encourage you to stay focused! No matter what pain or hardships this year has brought please remain focused. I understand that things may take a toll on you and that’s okay, take a little time to yourself and don’t forget what you’re capable of! Sometimes a fresh start is all you need to rethink life and get rid of things that mean you no good. Be a better you and don’t let anything or anyone distract you from your ultimate goal. This year transition into the person you’re destined to be. I know there are goals that you’ve created for yourself ACCOMPLISH THEM! Step out of your comfort zone and do something different and beneficial for your life. The most important thing is staying focused and not letting anything or anyone distract you from your success. Say no to negative energy and negative vibes! Be a better you for you! Happy New Year!

Teish R.

New Year New Opportunities!

Whatever happened in 2017 be thankful for where it brought you no matter if it was a good experience or a bad one. With 2018 right around the corner it’s the perfect time for a fresh start! 12 new chapters, 365 new chances to do whatever you can think of in order to become a better you. Accomplish goals, break a bad habit, apply for a new job, do anything that supports your happiness. Even if 2017 has been a terrible year for you don’t let it destroy you! As hard as it may seem I KNOW that you’re capable of getting through it! There will be several opportunities with your name written all over them, even if it doesn’t go as planned take it as a learning experience. At least you took a risk and went for it!  Remember, this is the beginning of anything you may want! The year is yours, what will you do with it?

You’re Not Being Buried You’re Being Planted!

Pastor Chaka posted “Sometimes You’re Not Being Buried You’re Being Planted, Change Your Perspective.” Life has its way of taking you through obstacles to mold you into a better person. Every disincentive event life takes you through try to make it positive. I know you may be wondering “HOW”?. Everything that life throws at you WILL NOT be pretty but take it as a lesson and learn from it. If you put yourself in that position try not to make the same mistake again and learn from it! No one is perfect but always remember a mistake isn’t a mistake if it’s repeated, it then becomes a choice. If this is an instance where you literally couldn’t avoid the situation take whatever you’re going through and consider it to be a lesson. If you’re experiencing rough times in life it’s almost impossible to see that you may be being planted! Sometimes we have to change our perspective and outlook on things just to reassure ourselves that it’s not the end! Everything happens for a reason to shape us into the people we’re meant to be so we can live our purpose. Everyone has a purpose of being here and I will assure you that sometimes you find your purpose when you THINK you’re being buried!