Don’t Beat Yourself Up!


At the end of the day, everyone may think that they aren’t where they should be in life. But you know what? THAT’S OKAY!! Sometimes things happen, things that we may not be able to control. Everything happens for a reason and honestly, I’m at a point in life where even if it’s a bad experience I’ve learned to look at the good things about the situation. Looking at things from a positive perspective has helped me in so many different ways. The way I choose to deal with these situations may differ from others. You cannot control what’s probably bound to happen anyway. Train your mind to look at things from a positive standpoint and you’ll find yourself brushing it off and moving on. LIFE doesn’t stop and it will kick your butt if you let it!!! You have to move forward regardless of what the circumstance may be. Dwelling on a bad situation for too long only keeps you down and it’s mind wrecking. It may take a little time to pick yourself up and that’s totally okay, but don’t allow the situation to weaken you. Take steps towards recovery and keep striving to reach your full potential. NO! You won’t get there in a day but who has? It takes perseverance and patience. YOU’LL GET THERE! It’s not a race so it doesn’t matter who finishes first. As long as you’re taking steps towards your goal consider yourself a work in progress. On the other hand, even if you aren’t working toward a goal don’t become comfortable with your current struggle and give up, YOU CAN DO IT! Don’t forget to like and share this post. Also if there is a topic that you’d like me to discuss, just let me know in the “contact area”. Thanks, guys!


4 thoughts on “Don’t Beat Yourself Up!

  1. Hi, thank you so much for your blogpost. I’ve been such a negative person these days.
    I always blame myself for bad things that happen instead of lifting myself up.
    I guess I just have to work on it and time will do the rest.
    Thanks for sharing, xo



    • You’re so welcome, that’s what I’m here for. Never blame yourself especially if you’re doing all you can! A postive mindset results in a healthier lifestyle. Stay strong, YOU GOT IT!!


  2. Couldn’t be more true. We are only capable of doing what we can and pushing ourselves to the brink of breaking does us no good. It’s important to remember to care for ourselves by letting go and backing down when we know, deep down, we aren’t ready or able to do something. It’s not losing or a retreat, rather a truce with yourself to start again when you’re ready.


    • That is so true Ari! I tell people all the time that they can only do so much. Don’t stress yourself out about it, just keep moving forward. That’s all that we can do!

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