It Won’t Last Forever!


“How are you”? You reply “I’m fine, thank you”
But in reality, are you really okay? You don’t feel the need to express your problems with others so you tend to keep it all inside. You seem so happy so no one expects you to be dying inside. You’re extremely private so no one knows what you’re going through. TALK TO SOMEONE (someone you trust) don’t overwhelm yourself with too much stress and pain. You have to take care of yourself!!! Always remind yourself that no matter what you’re going through someone somewhere is doing much worse. I know it feels like this phase may last FOREVER. Eventually, it will pass, nothing lasts forever. Don’t allow the pain to stress and weaken you. YOU CAN & WILL GET THROUGH IT!!! Don’t give up on yourself!!! Don’t let your worry control you and don’t let stress break you. After a while, you’ll think back to when you were so down and laugh because you actually thought you couldn’t get through it. It may feel unbearable right now but KEEP PUSHING!!! Find a hobby or a technique that takes you away from your “dark place”. Meditate, exercise and or read a book. These tactics may seem small but it’s progression towards a healthier lifestyle. At the end of the day, you never know who could be looking up to you. Compliment others, always be nice & help others because you never know what a person is going through. One compliment to a total stranger can make a HUGE difference in his or her life. Always ask if there is something that you can do to help and BE SINCERE. Even if they say “no” in their mind they know that you care. I hope this post touches someone and reassures them that EVERYTHING WILL BE OKAY!!! We all suffer, we’re human, but it doesn’t last forever! Take care of yourself and once you’ve healed don’t forget to take care of someone else!
-Teish R.

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9 thoughts on “It Won’t Last Forever!

  1. This gave me so much life, I just went through a melt down last week and this blog post hit home for me, but I should start trusting people instead of holding it in. This is definitely an inspiring blog, however I was wondering could your next topic could be self love. I’ve been battling with loving myself for quite sometime.. I’ve gained weight over the years and I just can’t really accept it & LOVE it, can’t even be content with it..

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    • I’m so sorry to hear about your melt down but I’m glad that I could uplift you! That’s my ultimate goal each week. Self love will definitely my next topic!! Gaining weight isn’t bad AT ALL you have people that wish they could gain a little more weight (ME). LOVE YOURSELF GIRL, if you don’t who will? Take care of you for you!! 😘💙 I’ll be posting again next Sunday hopefully you’ll love it!


  2. The pain and stress that’s wearing me down is crazy. Reading this helped me so much!!! With all the pain and anxiety I go through daily breaks me every time. This post is something I could read everyday just to remind myself that it’s only a phase. 🙏🏽 Thank you so much.
    Takayla M.

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    • I hope things get better for you, I really do! This post will be here forever so just come back and read it as much as you like! I’m really glad I could help you!!!!!
      Teish R.


  3. loved this ❤
    The thing is, sometimes you are left alone who is asking everyone if they are okay but still won't get that love back.
    Can you write about anxiety and depression along with overthinking?
    And I have a question do people suffer more who are kind and have courtesy and even if they gonna get the chance of hurting someone they won't do it.


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