You Are Gold Baby, Love Yourself!

“She’s so black”! they’d say.
She was fairly darker than a lot of other girls. Her style was different and she was much weirder. She felt “unpretty” because it seemed like she was always an outcast. Her skin tone at the time made her feel really uncomfortable and she just couldn’t shake the feeling. It was until she decided to find herself and ACCEPT that her skin was darker for a reason. Just because her skin was darker that didn’t make her ugly, but she thought so. By the end of junior high, that’s when her “ugly phase” was over!! She didn’t realize all the great qualities she had because she was so focused on all the bad ones. Once she started to EMBRACE her dark skin NOTHING OR NO ONE could tell her otherwise! It wasn’t cockiness but she’ll just say she was completely COMFORTABLE! She had to LOVE HERSELF FOR HER if she didn’t, she probably would’ve gone insane trying to figure out why she’s so dark. God made her darker for a reason and she had to realize that. From that point on, nothing and NO ONE could make her feel bad about the color of her skin. I WAS HER!!
I LOVE ME and I encourage you to love yourself as well, it’s such a great feeling! I shared my story to let you guys know that “self-love” hasn’t always come easy for me either. It doesn’t matter the circumstance, you have to LOVE YOURSELF and don’t dwell on your bad qualities. Take a moment to accept EVERYTHING about YOU and promise yourself that those negative thoughts will no longer linger your mind. BE CONFIDENT!! Once you decide to LOVE YOURSELF life will flow so much smoother, I promise. Promise me that you’ll ACCEPT YOU FOR YOU! On another note PLEASE don’t let what others say dictate the way you feel about yourself. I’ve learned that when people say hateful things to others, in most cases they aren’t happy with themselves. What others have to say about YOU shouldn’t matter. Understand that you’re that way for a reason, EMBRACE IT & BE YOU!!
-Teish R.
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12 thoughts on “You Are Gold Baby, Love Yourself!

  1. Girl thank you so much for this post right here ! I was thinking about this earlier this week to be exact .. I’m always the darker friend / person .. &; still to this day I’m not as confident about my apparence . I’m not the smallest either which I’m kind of embracing as well .. I’ve lost a lot of weight though . Then I have freckles which I love .. but some people think otherwise cause I’m dark skin that it’s weird that I have them . I remember once in high school someone said , you always have those same black dots in your face everyday .. not knowing they were freckles , smh . But I will be looking back at this post often – thank you Beautiful 😌❣️👸🏾

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    • You’re so welcome love! Don’t let your complexion tear you down, you’re suppose to embrace every bit of it! Look at it as many times as you like, it’ll be here forever! You’re BEAUTIFUL QUEEN!


  2. Thank You Mrs.Riley. While writing this you were the person that I thought about, I love how you’re so comfortbale with yourself. You’re beautiful and you know it, you’ve never let others opinions affect you! Love you cuz!


  3. This is so great! I agree with you completely. It may take time to get there but it’s always possible to find a way to love yourself – and we all need to do that! Thanks for sharing.

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