Know Your Worth!

know your worth

I must start by saying that this particular post has absolutely NOTHING to do with my personal life. This topic was chosen by one of my subscribers!

A woman who isn’t sure of her worth will typically settle for less than she deserves. She tends to place herself in a trap that’s extremely hard to get out of. In other words, she’s become so comfortable with NOT being ” THE ONE” & eventually realizes that she just may have fallen for someone that doesn’t belong to her. The feeling may seem mutual between both parties but in reality, it’s all a game. A man only does what you allow, if it’s beneficial then, of course, he won’t stop this twisted love affair. NEVER allow yourself to just be SOMEONE be “THE ONE”. Just because someone desires you that DOES NOT mean that they VALUE YOU! You’ve become manipulated by their words and actions and begin to think that this may be something. A man knows exactly what he wants in a woman and if he values you enough you’d be HIS WOMAN.

On the other hand, sometimes a woman can be extremely valuable and could be a great asset to a SINGLE man. Don’t fault yourself, ladies, sometimes it isn’t you, it’s him. He doesn’t feel as if he’s ready for a relationship so he puts you on hold and thinks that you’re supposed to wait for him. Or he just feels as if he doesn’t want a relationship at all and you guys should just “fool around”. YOU ARE WORTH MORE THAN THAT!! Don’t force yourself to have space in his life, because if he valued you enough he would’ve created a space for you! Don’t put yourself in that position because it’s extremely risky and in my opinion, he doesn’t deserve you at all!

If you’re in a relationship and things just don’t seem to be getting better always remember that things take time. On another note, if you’re giving your relationship your all, don’t feel bad due to your significant others actions. You ARE worthy of so much more!!!

Let’s say you guys are extremely close, the two of you can talk about anything, and the vibe is just perfect. A bond is better than a title you’d say, or is it? I feel as if two people connect with each other that well, why NOT have a bond AND a title? KNOW YOUR WORTH, if you only a have a bond that’s great but does he feel as if you’re worthy enough for the title? Be very protective of yourself. What do you mean by that Teish? Don’t go overboard and do things for this man and you guys aren’t even in a relationship. I’ve seen several cases where a woman spoils a man that they aren’t even in a relationship with. When everything is over they’re extremely hurt because they gave someone their ALL and they weren’t even together. I understand being friends with someone and eventually, things escalate, just be very mindful of the situation that you may be putting yourself in.

As I mentioned earlier a man knows EXACTLY who he wants by his side. It doesn’t matter what you do for him, or how you do it. If you aren’t “THE ONE” you just aren’t “THE ONE”. There is nothing you can do to change that. He’s searching for something rare and diligent. Whenever he does decide to settle with a woman in his eyes she will be much different from the rest! His QUEEN, she will be a reflection of him in all aspects. She’ll respect him and love him dearly but she KNOWS HER WORTH! Some women are literally “once in a lifetime females” DON’T OVERLOOK them! The vibe and comfort that you may receive from this woman are RARE! It doesn’t matter where you search you’ll never come in contact with a female like her. She’s morally strong, she respects herself & she’s goal-oriented. Fellas, don’t LET THIS WOMAN GO, in the end, your future relationships may never prosper because she’ll be the woman that you’ll look for in any other woman. Keep your queen close, educate her, show her the way to surrender your heart, and most importantly VALUE HER!!!

Teish R.

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