Grow Through What You Go Through!

grow through1

There has been several people that find themselves in situations that may be extremely uncomfortable. This feeling a is a feeling of discomfort whether it’s anxiety, feeling lost, & or depression etc. When you’re trapped in this stage of discomfort you feel as if there is absolutely NO WAY OUT! Turn the situation around and choose to GROW THROUGH IT! In life, there will be a countless amount of lessons that we will learn, instead of just getting through it GROW through it! Life is filled with several ups and downs but it’s all about how you deal with them. Life teaches you a lot and I’m quite sure you’re aware of that. With that being said, you should GROW through every situation that is handed to you whether it’s good or bad. This is one of the best decisions that you can make to live a desirable life. Once you learn to GROW through life your outlook and perspective on bad situations won’t even bother you as much, basically because you’re capable of dealing with it. If a bad situation has become something that you’re dwelling on, think of ways that it could help you grow. Becoming a person that GROWS THROUGH LIFE will always keep you in a position where you’re always looking forward! Choose to stay positive through every situation and I guarantee your life will be so much better! Bad things will happen but how you respond to them defines your character. Life is intended to build our character, if we don’t go through setbacks and obstacles our character is impossible to build. For example, a person who has been through several downfalls and has faced many obstacles will most likely be very wise and understanding. I assure you if they chose to GROW through their situation instead of letting it destroy them, they will be a great asset to someone. Reason being, they turned their situation into a learning experience. Their knowledge can be passed on to others which makes him/her a great resource to someone else. Opposed to a person that has been through SO MUCH but they let it destroy them, this person isn’t as beneficial to you as the person that GREW through it! Think about it, which person would you want to be?  In the end, always remember to keep a positive attitude about EVERYTHING you may go through. Most importantly don’t just GO through life GROW through it!!

Teish R.

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