I’ve always wondered what people got of tending to other peoples business. I never seemed to understand the trill that they got out of it honestly. Me personally, if certain information isn’t positive or beneficial to my life I could care less about it. I thought other’s would feel that way too but obviously, I WAS WRONG!

At a certain age in your life positivity and change becomes two major factors ONLY IF YOU’RE GROWING! As you GROW you tend to leave negative things/negative actions in the past. Speaking on someone else’s situation shouldn’t excite you UNLESS you’re giving this person advice and mentally stimulating them. One of the biggest problems in the world is that people would rather talk bad about your situation instead of helping you GET BETTER! At the end of the day, life would be so much better if everyone would mind their own business and help others if they needed to be helped.  Life should be about empowering each other and lifting each other up! NOT talking about one another and judging people from their predicaments. Think to yourself, if I can’t do anything to help this person why am I talking about them? At the end of the day, it’s really pointless!

People should think about their own situations before they feel the need to discuss someone else’s state of being. NO ONE is perfect we ALL make mistakes and that statement alone should encourage others to only HELP individuals, opposed to talking down or judging them. Help someone instead of hurting them with your words!

There have been several instances where I’ve heard people ask others “why didn’t you tell me”? “Was it a secret”? You have the right to stay lowkey and keep people out of your business! It’s your life and your situation, if you don’t feel the need to tell anyone obviously it wasn’t their business to know. It’s okay to stay lowkey and live life comfortably, everyone doesn’t have to know your EVERY move! Don’t let anyone persuade you to think that you have to share everything with others! People are going to assume things whether you’re telling them your personal business or whether you’re staying lowkey. As long as you know the truth that’s all that should matter. Don’t feed people your business, LET THEM WONDER!!

Before people judge or stick their nose in someone else’s business they should ask themselves “have I ever been in this person’s situation”? If you HAVE, why not help this person as much as possible instead of criticising them. Even if they don’t handle the situation as you did respect their decision and MOVE ON! There is NO need to discuss this person or his/her situation with someone else!

If someone needs advice advise them and keep their information confidential. Instead of belittling or judging others EMPOWER THEM! Encourage positive vibes and a positive atmosphere, take the time to support someone instead of judging them! Moral of the story is always to make sure you’re minding your business and staying in your lane. That’s a great asset to a healthier life and lifestyle!

Teish R.

4 thoughts on “

  1. Fantastic advice!

    One of my mottos is: “If it isn’t positive, I am not interested.”
    And, this post resounds of that.

    Love you, Teish. You are one very wise woman!


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