You’re Not Being Buried You’re Being Planted!

Pastor Chaka posted “Sometimes You’re Not Being Buried You’re Being Planted, Change Your Perspective.” Life has its way of taking you through obstacles to mold you into a better person. Every disincentive event life takes you through try to make it positive. I know you may be wondering “HOW”?. Everything that life throws at you WILL NOT be pretty but take it as a lesson and learn from it. If you put yourself in that position try not to make the same mistake again and learn from it! No one is perfect but always remember a mistake isn’t a mistake if it’s repeated, it then becomes a choice. If this is an instance where you literally couldn’t avoid the situation take whatever you’re going through and consider it to be a lesson. If you’re experiencing rough times in life it’s almost impossible to see that you may be being planted! Sometimes we have to change our perspective and outlook on things just to reassure ourselves that it’s not the end! Everything happens for a reason to shape us into the people we’re meant to be so we can live our purpose. Everyone has a purpose of being here and I will assure you that sometimes you find your purpose when you THINK you’re being buried!

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