Choose Your Words Wisely

More often than not there are people that say and do things out of anger. No, I’m not perfect, and I don’t claim to be, but that’s something that I’ve never been able to do. People will say hurtful things to others, and they expect them to instantly forgive them or forget about it. I know that people often disagree on certain things, but you should always remember that it’s you and that person against the problem, not you versus the other person. You have the choice to figure out how to logically solve the problem. If the argument escalates, the issue isn’t resolved and guess what? You’re back to square 1 which means there were aggressive things that were said and the problem still isn’t solved. “Words don’t hurt you, they say,” but that indeed is FALSE! Words will strike you differently, and you’ll always remember what was said. I’ve been asked several times “do you ever disagree or argue with anyone”? The answer is yes I disagree with people, but NO I don’t argue. If I disagree with something someone says I’ve mastered the ability to CHOOSE MY WORDS WISELY. I can say the same thing that was being told to me, but I understand HOW TO SAY IT. Everything doesn’t have to be spoken aggressively or with anger, but until people realize this there will be a lot of bonds that are broken! I challenge you to enlighten yourself on how to speak to others when you’re angry and always remember it’s YOU AGAINST THE PROBLEM!

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