& Then There Were 4!

On September 8th, 2018 our prince Montravius Adams III was welcomed into the world. I must admit that that was by far the worse labor I’ve experienced. Yes, I had an epidural but unfortunately, it only worked for one side of my body. Basically, one side of my body was numb and the other side was completely in excruciating pain!! I  was carrying three(our baby boy) and I was so in denial that I was pregnant. I couldn’t believe it and it took me a while to actually come to terms with it until he started to get bigger and mama started to show. I’d given birth to him and I was still in denial because he was so bright, I wanted to ask the doctor on several occasions was he really ours, or did they give us the wrong baby lol. We left the hospital the next day and he was super handsome, quiet and calm. He was so much different from MJ (our oldest son). As the months passed three started to become clingy, I noticed it but I tried to brush it off. He’d just turned five months and I’d come to terms that he was super clingy he was even starting to voice his opinion much more (crying). He wasn’t so calm and quiet anymore, he’s 7 months now and he’s oh so handsome, he loves to be held, he loves to eat, he drinking out of a straw and loves tummy time. Did I mention that he LOVES to be held? lol At the end of the day three was a total surprise BUT that still doesn’t change how we love and adore him! My Montravius’ means the absolute world to me all 3 of them and I wouldn’t trade them for ANYTHING!!!Family

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