I’m Taking His Last Name!

February 2018 Montravius told me that he wanted to take me somewhere special for my birthday. I love to travel, so I was ecstatic about our destination! A few months past and Montravius III was almost due, Montravius Sr. told me he had a surprise for me. I was almost positive that he was going to propose on our 2nd sons birthday. He bought me a pearl necklace set which was stunning, but it was a little out of Montravius’ “taste range” he likes diamonds, and I knew that which is why I was so puzzled when he finally gave me the pearls. Of course, I was thankful, but I just KNEW it was an engagement ring. I was so puzzled and confused, but I’m a patient person, so I knew it was coming! As February approached we traveled back to GA and the proposal trip was right around the corner. Montravius started to get fidgety he wanted me to pack a certain outfit, he wanted me to get my nails done a certain way, and I was like “why”? He’s always told me the nail color that he feels looks good on me, but this time he had a certain shape and a certain length for nails that he wanted me to maintain. I thought we were going to a super fancy restaurant, so I said to myself “this makes sense.” As we traveled to Destin, we’d finally reached our destination around 9:00 Tuesday night. The house was beautiful it had several rooms and the view was beautiful right near the beach!
Saturday morning Montravius told me to get dressed and put on the outfit that he’d picked out a while back. I’m a curious person, so I wanted to know every detail, “where are we going” “how long are we gonna be there”! He gave me an envelope that had a riddle in it, and the riddle led us to an exciting scavenger hunt. We cruised the city of Destin in hopes of finding everything that was on the list. I must say that was one of the funniest things I’ve ever done! Everyone was there & everyone was happy and enjoying themselves, so that made it even better. I went to quite a few places, but at the last destination, I had to be blindfolded.
At this point, I was confused, but I was almost sure that Montravius had gotten me a new car. We’d talked about it, and I said to myself “he brought everyone here to give me the keys to a new car.” lol Little did I know I was headed to the beach where he was on one knee! My mom and mother in law in guided me down to the beach to make sure I got there safely. They told me where and when to step and what was near, I finally stopped, and they took the blindfold off. After I took it off, I couldn’t see clearly, so I had to get my vision back to normal. I’d seen Montravius on one knee, but I literally couldn’t believe my eyes! I thought I was dreaming, once I saw that he had a ring and down on one knee, I KNEW it was real! I cried like a baby, and I was lost for words! I don’t share my feelings with the world a lot, but he knew that getting married was one HUGE thing on my to-do-list. I had to make A LOT of self-adjustments to get to that point, and I was soooooo happy! I enjoyed every moment of the trip, and it’s a moment that I’d never forget!! After everything was over Montravius told me that he’d had the ring for an entire year and he wanted to do it on my birthday. I was like “ARE YOU SERIOUS”? and to put the icing on the cake everyone knew about the PROPOSAL EXCEPT ME!!! Way to keep a secret Montravius, way to keep a secret!!
I didn’t tell you guys about the ring well if you follow me on Snapchat(teishray) then you’ve seen it quite a few times. It’s HUGE & I LOVE IT!!!! I need a name for her lol I’m so thankful for him though he’s taught me a lot and vice versa! I appreciate everything that he does for myself and our family!

3 thoughts on “I’m Taking His Last Name!

  1. Congratulations to both of you. I am very proud of you both. May our Father bless you richly in all of your endeavors.

    Love, your Kindergarten Teacher


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