Finding Your Fire!


“Find your Fire”, when I say this I mean find something that you are extremely passionate about, it really doesn’t matter what it may be! This was something that I struggled with, I knew what I was good at but I couldn’t seem to implement it with something that I really enjoyed. “Finding your Fire” has to be the most powerful things that someone can do and just think about how you’d feel if you didn’t know your GOD given purpose. I must say that it is one of the most frustrating things that a person could ever experience I knew I wanted to be great and I knew GOD put me here to be great, but I just couldn’t figure out what it was that I wanted to do. I really felt as if I was suffocating, I didn’t feel like me! Day after day I would try new things but I didn’t feel passionate about anything. Then one day I forgot what my mind said and actually listened to my heart! I did something that scared me I trusted my instincts and I started doing what I loved to do, which is motivating others and giving advice. My advice to you is if you’re struggling to find your purpose TRY EVERYTHING! Along the way, you may find something that you’re good at and I’m sure if you’re good at it you’ll be passionate about it. If that doesn’t work take some time to meditate and think about what you’re good at. Always remember if you don’t think your talent is coming to you as fast as it should PLEASE don’t doubt yourself or become too hard on yourself. Everything takes time and just because “this person” has found their fire and accomplishing things don’t feel discouraged, YOU CAN DO IT!!! It’s not a race and it’s NOT about how fast you finish but solely about who finishes the race PERIOD!

I Am Proud Of Many Things In Life But Nothing Beats Being A Mom!


April 28th, 2017 at 2:36 pm my life changed forever! Meeting Montravius Jr. for the first time was such a heartwarming moment. The day he came into our lives I knew what my purpose was, to love and protect! As I’m writing this article I’m shedding tears just thinking about how special that day was for us. As I held him in my arms all I could do was cry and thank GOD for the beautiful blessing that he’d given us. I held him for at least an hour just gazing into his eyes and promising him that I’d be the best mom that I could possibly be!

Being a mom is literally one of the greatest joys in life, at first, I didn’t know if I’d “get it right”. I will say every day isn’t PERFECT and there will be days when you drink a few cups of coffee just to get through the day.  As a mother, my job is to take care of the POSSIBLE and trust GOD with the IMPOSSIBLE.  At the end of the day, I promise it’s all worth it! As a mom, I’m learning about the strengths that I didn’t know I had and dealing with fears I didn’t know existed.  I know that this is only the beginning and I have so much more to learn. I learn something about him every day and it’s really amazing! For a while, I just couldn’t picture myself being a mom but look at me now! I constantly go between wanting him to be my baby forever and being excited about all the amazing things that I’ll do in his life.

As a mom I just want my child to be GREAT, in order to do so, he will have to lead by example. In other words, I feel as if I owe that to him I WILL BE GREAT! There are several things that I will teach him that will only make him a better boy and eventually a man. WE ARE RAISING A KING!!!! 

…And she loves a little boy VERY MUCH even more than she LOVED HERSELF. She calls him SON! Always remember when life gets hard and you feel all alone, remember you mean the world to someone and that someone calls you mom!


Grow Together!


A few months ago I had the pleasure of meeting with an older couple, they were almost 70 years old. Older people are much wiser so I took some time to listen and learn from the information that they were providing. The woman then started to explain to me that they were high school sweethearts. They’d been together for 51 years and they’d been married for 40 years. While listening to this I was completely stunned at the time that they’d put into their relationship/marriage. Being I  was completely shocked with this time frame the only thing I could ask was “how”?

The lady looked at me and said “forgiveness, honesty, and selflessness are the keys”! She said, “enjoy life and GROW together”! I thanked her for her wise words and I proceeded to leave. On the way home I thought about everything that was said and I began to put things together.

As teens and young adults, if we’re dating someone the ultimate goal is marriage. There is absolutely no need of being with a person if marriage isn’t a goal that is shared mutually. In order to get there, it must be certain qualities that are intact before tying the knot.

As we go through life there will be several instances where we will have to forgive, whether it’s your mate or a friend. Holding grudges isn’t healthy and it only gives the enemy power over you. We have to let go of whatever happened and move on with our lives with or without that person. Once you decide to forgive them you’ll feel so much better internally and externally. We can’t live life as peacefully as we should if we’re still holding on to this persistent feeling. LET IT GO!!

In a relationship or a friendship honesty is something that will either make or break the relationship. If you’re dating someone and you’ve previously misled them, more than likely they don’t trust you. Which is also a very important quality in any type of relationship, people have to learn to trust you. If you’ve misled them before it may be hard to gain their trust again which is a necessity in a relationship. No matter how hard it is, always try to tell the truth about any situation, people will respect you much more if you do so.

Selflessness is a quality that I had to improve, this involves friendships as well as my relationship. I always felt as if I should put myself first because no one can love me more than I can. I have a good heart and I felt as if I put my happiness first and kept people out of my corner there was no way that I could be hurt. I always tried to prevent things before they happened I didn’t give people a chance, I didn’t feel like people were as genuine as they said they were so I wouldn’t waste my time dealing with them at all.  As you GO through life and GROW through life and you meet good people. People that teach you more than you can actually teach yourself. People that are extremely selfless, I was confused because I’d never came in contact with someone “relationship wise” that was so altruistic. I must say that after being with someone for so long their qualities start to rub off on you! He has always explained to me “you never know who you could meet if you don’t talk to them or let them in your circle”. This was extremely true because in today’s society it’s all about networking! I had to keep that in mind, I won’t just let anyone in but I usually can tell who’s a good spirit and who’s not.

Being able to grow with your mate is phenomenal! The things that the two of you will endure will only make you stronger! It’s always a pleasure to uplift others, but he’s always there to encourage me to be great and go even harder! He’s always in my corner telling me to “go for it”, “there isn’t anything that you can’t do”! Sometimes you need that extra push just to reassure you that you’re capable of doing something! At the end of the day, I thank GOD for the change that Montravius has created in me!


Stop Being Afraid!

stop being afraid

Have you ever been afraid to take a risk or try something new all because you felt as if it would go wrong? Well, you aren’t alone! I’m quite sure several people have been in the same situation. I’ve also been in this situation quite a few times, but I had to remind myself that I had to start somewhere! At the end of the day if we don’t take risks or try new things we’re still at a standstill. Which means if you don’t try, you’re still at your starting point. You have to start somewhere whether it fails or not! Look on the bright side, some of the richest people in the world had to take a risk! Many life situations are extremely risky but if we focus on the things that could go wrong, we train our minds to do that as well. No matter what the situation may be, take that job, start that business, join that organization, whatever you’re afraid of DO IT!!!!!!! The hardest thing about doing anything is actually STARTING once you’ve started the only way to go is UP!!! Whats the worse that could happen? Keep in mind that if you were totally happy with your situation you wouldn’t even be thinking about changing it! There is a reason why you’re trying to find something new. Always focus on the present and stop wondering about what may happen in the future.  The fear of the future can stop you from moving forward in your life. MOST IMPORTANTLY NEVER ALLOW FEAR TO KEEP YOU STUCK!!!

Teish R.


I’ve always wondered what people got of tending to other peoples business. I never seemed to understand the trill that they got out of it honestly. Me personally, if certain information isn’t positive or beneficial to my life I could care less about it. I thought other’s would feel that way too but obviously, I WAS WRONG!

At a certain age in your life positivity and change becomes two major factors ONLY IF YOU’RE GROWING! As you GROW you tend to leave negative things/negative actions in the past. Speaking on someone else’s situation shouldn’t excite you UNLESS you’re giving this person advice and mentally stimulating them. One of the biggest problems in the world is that people would rather talk bad about your situation instead of helping you GET BETTER! At the end of the day, life would be so much better if everyone would mind their own business and help others if they needed to be helped.  Life should be about empowering each other and lifting each other up! NOT talking about one another and judging people from their predicaments. Think to yourself, if I can’t do anything to help this person why am I talking about them? At the end of the day, it’s really pointless!

People should think about their own situations before they feel the need to discuss someone else’s state of being. NO ONE is perfect we ALL make mistakes and that statement alone should encourage others to only HELP individuals, opposed to talking down or judging them. Help someone instead of hurting them with your words!

There have been several instances where I’ve heard people ask others “why didn’t you tell me”? “Was it a secret”? You have the right to stay lowkey and keep people out of your business! It’s your life and your situation, if you don’t feel the need to tell anyone obviously it wasn’t their business to know. It’s okay to stay lowkey and live life comfortably, everyone doesn’t have to know your EVERY move! Don’t let anyone persuade you to think that you have to share everything with others! People are going to assume things whether you’re telling them your personal business or whether you’re staying lowkey. As long as you know the truth that’s all that should matter. Don’t feed people your business, LET THEM WONDER!!

Before people judge or stick their nose in someone else’s business they should ask themselves “have I ever been in this person’s situation”? If you HAVE, why not help this person as much as possible instead of criticising them. Even if they don’t handle the situation as you did respect their decision and MOVE ON! There is NO need to discuss this person or his/her situation with someone else!

If someone needs advice advise them and keep their information confidential. Instead of belittling or judging others EMPOWER THEM! Encourage positive vibes and a positive atmosphere, take the time to support someone instead of judging them! Moral of the story is always to make sure you’re minding your business and staying in your lane. That’s a great asset to a healthier life and lifestyle!

Teish R.

Grow Through What You Go Through!

grow through1

There has been several people that find themselves in situations that may be extremely uncomfortable. This feeling a is a feeling of discomfort whether it’s anxiety, feeling lost, & or depression etc. When you’re trapped in this stage of discomfort you feel as if there is absolutely NO WAY OUT! Turn the situation around and choose to GROW THROUGH IT! In life, there will be a countless amount of lessons that we will learn, instead of just getting through it GROW through it! Life is filled with several ups and downs but it’s all about how you deal with them. Life teaches you a lot and I’m quite sure you’re aware of that. With that being said, you should GROW through every situation that is handed to you whether it’s good or bad. This is one of the best decisions that you can make to live a desirable life. Once you learn to GROW through life your outlook and perspective on bad situations won’t even bother you as much, basically because you’re capable of dealing with it. If a bad situation has become something that you’re dwelling on, think of ways that it could help you grow. Becoming a person that GROWS THROUGH LIFE will always keep you in a position where you’re always looking forward! Choose to stay positive through every situation and I guarantee your life will be so much better! Bad things will happen but how you respond to them defines your character. Life is intended to build our character, if we don’t go through setbacks and obstacles our character is impossible to build. For example, a person who has been through several downfalls and has faced many obstacles will most likely be very wise and understanding. I assure you if they chose to GROW through their situation instead of letting it destroy them, they will be a great asset to someone. Reason being, they turned their situation into a learning experience. Their knowledge can be passed on to others which makes him/her a great resource to someone else. Opposed to a person that has been through SO MUCH but they let it destroy them, this person isn’t as beneficial to you as the person that GREW through it! Think about it, which person would you want to be?  In the end, always remember to keep a positive attitude about EVERYTHING you may go through. Most importantly don’t just GO through life GROW through it!!

Teish R.

Liebster Award

liebster award

Wow, this was such an incredible week! Guess who was nominated for the Liebster Award? I was nominated by the beautiful Taylor of entirelytaylor and I’m extremely honored to accept! Here are the rules for accepting the Liebster Award.

  1. Display the award on your blog — by including it in your post and/or displaying it using a “widget” or a “gadget”.
  2. Write a 150-300 word post on your favorite blog that is not your own. Explain why you like the blog, provide links.
  3. Answer your questions and provide 10 random facts about yourself.
  4. Nominate 5 – 11 blogs that you feel deserve the award, who have less than 200 followers and ask them your own questions. (Don’t forget to inform the people/blogs you nominated about it.)

My favorite blog would have to be Rebekah Denise Reason being, I just started blogging about three weeks ago and at one point I was totally lost about my next steps after I launched. I’d joined Facebook groups but they weren’t as helpful as I thought they’d be, so I decided to dig a little deeper. I found her on one of the blogger groups and I added her as a Facebook friend. I was immediately stunned by her photos. As I browsed her page I clicked on her website link and I started to read her newer blog posts. Her topics were extremely relatable and I really enjoyed how she engages with her followers/friends. Our blogs are about inspiring others and from the blog posts, we tend to have a lot in common. She just seems as if she’s a free spirit that enjoys helping others and I love that!

What inspired you or drove you to start blogging?

– Sometimes you don’t know what people are going through and it’s always great to be an inspiration. Many people suffer from different diagnosis such as depression, anxiety and so on. In many cases, most people don’t discuss their problems publicly, so at the end of the day if they don’t tell you-you may not know. I’ve always wanted to be that person that spoke to people without even knowing their situation. Which means I’ve always wanted to voice my opinion or state facts without singling out a particular individual. I think that speaking to people through my blog would be an extremely great idea. At the end of the day, you never know who I could’ve inspired. I’m a very private person so telling others about my personal life has always been difficult. I understand that this may be the case of others as well. Moral of the story is I’ll make it my job to uplift you no matter the circumstance. In my eyes, we can get through it together. My ultimate goal is to see or hear “because of you I didn’t give up”!


If I was on a deserted island what 3 would take with you?

-If I  was on a deserted island I would definitely take water, some type of weapon for protection for hunting. Last but not least I’d take a lighter to start a fire to cook the food that I catch.


What is one little thing in life that makes you smile and why? (not a person, let’s see your creativity)

-Looking at old photographs always seem to make me smile simply because they are connected with so many great memories.


If you could give one tip to an upcoming blogger what would it be?

– Before you actually launch your blog make sure that you are positively sure that you’ll be sticking with that site. I made that mistake and my subscribers decreased dramatically. Also, it was slightly overwhelming trying to create a new site. I had the option of duplicating my first site but it was extremely overpriced. Different people choose different online website creations and that’s totally fine. Don’t make the same mistake though, ALWAYS DO TONS OF RESEARCH!

Look back, What would you tell or warn your 16-year-old self about?

–  I would warn my 16-year-old self about life itself. Everything isn’t going to flow smoothly all the time. You will face certain obstacles that you think are just too challenging but you’ll get through it nothing lasts forever!

Where do you see yourself and your blog 5 years from now?

– I see myself as a successful business woman with a business degree and also an entrepreneur.  Hopefully, my blog turns out to be a success as well. Even if it doesn’t my purpose will still be the same to inspire others.

10 Random Facts About Me

  • Pulling my eyelashes gives me a thrill!
  • Failure scares me!
  • I’m an introvert!
  • I listen to country and rock music!
  • I have a 4-month-old son!
  • I love to travel!
  • Steak is my favorite food!
  • I love giving advice!
  • I love to read!
  • I love my life and who I am today!

I will be choosing 5 bloggers that I feel should be nominated and they are listed below.

Trelle Cotton

Miss Richie

Megan Zellick

Ariel Joi

Askey Bonnaire



Know Your Worth!

know your worth

I must start by saying that this particular post has absolutely NOTHING to do with my personal life. This topic was chosen by one of my subscribers!

A woman who isn’t sure of her worth will typically settle for less than she deserves. She tends to place herself in a trap that’s extremely hard to get out of. In other words, she’s become so comfortable with NOT being ” THE ONE” & eventually realizes that she just may have fallen for someone that doesn’t belong to her. The feeling may seem mutual between both parties but in reality, it’s all a game. A man only does what you allow, if it’s beneficial then, of course, he won’t stop this twisted love affair. NEVER allow yourself to just be SOMEONE be “THE ONE”. Just because someone desires you that DOES NOT mean that they VALUE YOU! You’ve become manipulated by their words and actions and begin to think that this may be something. A man knows exactly what he wants in a woman and if he values you enough you’d be HIS WOMAN.

On the other hand, sometimes a woman can be extremely valuable and could be a great asset to a SINGLE man. Don’t fault yourself, ladies, sometimes it isn’t you, it’s him. He doesn’t feel as if he’s ready for a relationship so he puts you on hold and thinks that you’re supposed to wait for him. Or he just feels as if he doesn’t want a relationship at all and you guys should just “fool around”. YOU ARE WORTH MORE THAN THAT!! Don’t force yourself to have space in his life, because if he valued you enough he would’ve created a space for you! Don’t put yourself in that position because it’s extremely risky and in my opinion, he doesn’t deserve you at all!

If you’re in a relationship and things just don’t seem to be getting better always remember that things take time. On another note, if you’re giving your relationship your all, don’t feel bad due to your significant others actions. You ARE worthy of so much more!!!

Let’s say you guys are extremely close, the two of you can talk about anything, and the vibe is just perfect. A bond is better than a title you’d say, or is it? I feel as if two people connect with each other that well, why NOT have a bond AND a title? KNOW YOUR WORTH, if you only a have a bond that’s great but does he feel as if you’re worthy enough for the title? Be very protective of yourself. What do you mean by that Teish? Don’t go overboard and do things for this man and you guys aren’t even in a relationship. I’ve seen several cases where a woman spoils a man that they aren’t even in a relationship with. When everything is over they’re extremely hurt because they gave someone their ALL and they weren’t even together. I understand being friends with someone and eventually, things escalate, just be very mindful of the situation that you may be putting yourself in.

As I mentioned earlier a man knows EXACTLY who he wants by his side. It doesn’t matter what you do for him, or how you do it. If you aren’t “THE ONE” you just aren’t “THE ONE”. There is nothing you can do to change that. He’s searching for something rare and diligent. Whenever he does decide to settle with a woman in his eyes she will be much different from the rest! His QUEEN, she will be a reflection of him in all aspects. She’ll respect him and love him dearly but she KNOWS HER WORTH! Some women are literally “once in a lifetime females” DON’T OVERLOOK them! The vibe and comfort that you may receive from this woman are RARE! It doesn’t matter where you search you’ll never come in contact with a female like her. She’s morally strong, she respects herself & she’s goal-oriented. Fellas, don’t LET THIS WOMAN GO, in the end, your future relationships may never prosper because she’ll be the woman that you’ll look for in any other woman. Keep your queen close, educate her, show her the way to surrender your heart, and most importantly VALUE HER!!!

Teish R.

Protect Your Peace!

protect your peace

Sometimes you have to distance yourself to save yourself, you may ask “What do you mean by that Teish”? You’d be surprised at how many people in your life that may be toxic and you haven’t even noticed it yet. “Well, how do I know if they’re toxic”? I will say that all toxic people aren’t mean and cruel, sometimes it’s just their needs and their lifestyle that forces us to compromise ourselves and our happiness. They aren’t extremely bad people but they just aren’t for us. At the end of the day life is hard enough without toxic people, so just think about the strain on you when you’re affiliated with someone who’s toxic. Life seems so much more unbearable, you may not want to let them go in an instant and that’s okay too. In situations like this, I prefer to distance myself, if it’s not making me happy or encouraging me, IT’S NOT FOR ME! I feel as if I don’t involve myself in certain situations it won’t affect me in any way, shape, form or fashion. Distancing yourself results in a much happier life TRUST ME! You have to make your well-being a priority for a change! DO NOT DESTROY YOURSELF for the sake of someone else! This may include loving a family member from a distance and or calling off a relationship with your significant other. Or removing yourself from a friendship, you have every right to create a safer place for yourself. Don’t involve yourself in anything that may be painful! If I get a bad vibe from anything or anyone I will not dedicate my time and attention to it. Peace is a virtue that I adore and I won’t allow anyone to change that. A toxic person doesn’t see anything wrong with their actions, they play the victim, they’re self-centered, they don’t promote change & they’re ALWAYS NEGATIVE! Those are just SOME of the characteristics the list goes on! The best way to deal with these type of people is NOT dealing with them at all! Don’t be afraid to cut people off to protect your peace! The older you get you tend to be very selective about who you associate yourself with. Choose to be happy and live life to the fullest with POSITIVE people in your corner! PROTECT your peace and be mindful of who you affiliate yourself with!

Teish R.

You Are Gold Baby, Love Yourself!

“She’s so black”! they’d say.
She was fairly darker than a lot of other girls. Her style was different and she was much weirder. She felt “unpretty” because it seemed like she was always an outcast. Her skin tone at the time made her feel really uncomfortable and she just couldn’t shake the feeling. It was until she decided to find herself and ACCEPT that her skin was darker for a reason. Just because her skin was darker that didn’t make her ugly, but she thought so. By the end of junior high, that’s when her “ugly phase” was over!! She didn’t realize all the great qualities she had because she was so focused on all the bad ones. Once she started to EMBRACE her dark skin NOTHING OR NO ONE could tell her otherwise! It wasn’t cockiness but she’ll just say she was completely COMFORTABLE! She had to LOVE HERSELF FOR HER if she didn’t, she probably would’ve gone insane trying to figure out why she’s so dark. God made her darker for a reason and she had to realize that. From that point on, nothing and NO ONE could make her feel bad about the color of her skin. I WAS HER!!
I LOVE ME and I encourage you to love yourself as well, it’s such a great feeling! I shared my story to let you guys know that “self-love” hasn’t always come easy for me either. It doesn’t matter the circumstance, you have to LOVE YOURSELF and don’t dwell on your bad qualities. Take a moment to accept EVERYTHING about YOU and promise yourself that those negative thoughts will no longer linger your mind. BE CONFIDENT!! Once you decide to LOVE YOURSELF life will flow so much smoother, I promise. Promise me that you’ll ACCEPT YOU FOR YOU! On another note PLEASE don’t let what others say dictate the way you feel about yourself. I’ve learned that when people say hateful things to others, in most cases they aren’t happy with themselves. What others have to say about YOU shouldn’t matter. Understand that you’re that way for a reason, EMBRACE IT & BE YOU!!
-Teish R.
P.S if you need any advice or if you have a topic that you’d like me to discuss please feel free to drop it over in the “contact area”. Don’t worry you WILL ALWAYS remain anonymous! Did you enjoy reading this post? Share it! Don’t forget to subscribe as well if you haven’t already. Thanks in advance!